Hula Hoops to Africa!

Somewhere along the line, inspired partly by Spark Circus and partly by the approaching World Hoop Day a plan was hatched to send hoops to Kenya. I put the call out on the Hoopaholics Anonymous Australia Facebook page and was overwhelmed with donations and hoops to take to Nairobi on my travels. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to get 50 hula hoops wrapped in bubble wrap to the other side of the world before, then have them get lost in transit, then have to draw a picture of your missing cargo to a strange man you have paid to pick them up in three days time when you have left the country, so I'm happy to say the hoops made it safely to the Red Cross Nairobi via our hoopy friend Asha. She is soon to conduct a hoop lesson with some local village kids and will be donating all the hoops to local communities. Stay tuned for more photos :-) Check out these beauties Joanna Jow Hooper from Queensland handcrafted for the mission!