If you never did, you should. 

These things are fun and fun is good!

-Dr Seuss



Learn to hoop

Confucius says... the journey of spinning 200 hoops on your waist.... starts with one.   Know what a shoulder duck out, chest break or four hoop split plus is? Learn them and some other cool tricks to impress your Instagram followers (and real friends).


Karina's adventures

Adventuring to hoop dance showcases and globe-hopping quests in the remotest of places. Follow Karina Hularina's adventures throughout the world - from Lollapalooza in Chicago, to Hoopurbia in Berlin and Hoop Camp in California. 

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Hoop up your party

Fairy bread, cake smashes and organic kombucha make any party fun, but a hula hoop can take a party to the next level. Book Karina for your party now!

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