Whirled Records

whirled records hoop.jpg

Who holds the record for most Likes on a Facebook Post in 24 Hours?  Oreo Cookies with 114,619 ‘Likes’ to a single post. How long was the worlds longest kiss? 46 hours and 24 minutes. What's the most number of people to dance simultaneously to a choreographed song with hula hoops? As of this week Kensington Public School in Sydney is claiming the title with 500+ staff, students, parents and community members boogying to Guy Sebastian's 'Like it Like that' in the name of fundraising for the MS foundation. 

The sight of 400 primary school students at 7am high on orange pineapple juice from the fundraiser  breakfast, trying to be marshalled into organised lines was highly amusing. But as the opening bars played, the kids knew exactly what to do and shimmied, sashayed and bopped with their hoops, smiling for the Sunrise TV cameras and keen parents taking photos. 

Not content with a morning of just hooping around, the event also doubled admirably as a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis, an auto immune disease that effects the central nervous system. Staff and parents were asked to wear red, the colour for MS to show their support (hence my hooper-hero outfit).

I was lucky enough to be a special guest for Kindergarten C the same morning to show off some hoop skills and teach them a thing or two. Who knew Kindergarten kids had 'incredible', 'amazing' and 'impossible' in their vocabularies!

Check out this POST on hooping.org for footage of the 'whirled record' attempt.